Who We Are

We are a husband, wife, and daughter team of makers and artisans.


Everything we build is handmade. Most of our pieces are made using reclaimed wood so they’re not always perfect like what you would find at a big box store but each one is unique. Each piece is cut, sanded, stained, or and painted by one or all of us. Even most of the stains and paints are made in house so that we can offer unique color choices that nobody else can offer. We do our best to only list what we have in stock so that the pictures are 100% what you will be getting but for things like wood cards and personalized products each piece will vary slightly. For items that are already built we try to showcase any knots, nail holes, or imperfections that may be present on the wood. We like our items to look like they’re well loved and pieces that were passed down rather than brand new. This is what gives our pieces character and, while big box stores may try to replicate it, makes each of our items truly one of a kind.


Chris- Chris is the builder of the group. He especially enjoys making boxes and furniture. He is a veteran who did two tours in Iraq with the US Army. 

Amanda- Amanda is the designer, machinist, stainer, and painter. She comes up with the designs and utilizes a CNC and laser to bring them to life. She then adds stains, paints, and whatever finishing touches that are needed to make the piece really stand out.

Kyle- Kyle is 13 years old and started creating things on a lathe when she was just 11. She has a passion for woodworking and personally creates all of the cutting boards by hand using her own designs and hand picked pieces of wood. Her love of woodworking is almost as strong as her love of candy.